25 January 2009

Re-Pub-Lick day

A nude modelling of liberal bias is at display in the form of Indian media. An incidence is being touted as display of intolerance. They are worried that it is getting hard for women to go to pubs.

Times of India

"...Enough is enough, people think women are cheap..."
Mohini Giri -- Former chairwoman National Commision for Pubgoing Women!
She is busy worrying about women who can not drink alcohol. What about women without water? What about women without primary health care?

Here, to them, women means females those who have purse to buy imported alcohol. Media is portraing it as "national outrage". I did not see any neighbours being interviewed the problem these pubs causing them. Alleged use of drug (illegal) I do not hear anybody talk about it! Progressive? NDTV said "Nation is shocked"? I do not think so.

Crappy incompetent reporting? Standing and talking stuff? My 3 year old nephew talks better. What kind journalism is this? So, even when culprits are already in jail? Such fools as these have no wit to understand the problem. Only punishing some guys is not going to solve the problem.

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  1. I have been watching this coverage since three days, media is against Mr.Muthalik and i feel they want him to be arrested. In the whole mess muthalik got a country wide popularity and it creates a communal ripple in the society. I think such issues should not be discussed at all in the media as they are very sensitive.

    Guys, move on and report issues which will have impact on the upliftment of the poor. Discuss issues as mentioned below;
    - Why there is an acute shortage for fertiliser in the country?
    - Why govt has not released subsidy amount to fertiliser manufacturing companies.
    - Who has decided to import phospherous rather manufacturing locally.
    - Why we dont have discussions on the union budget implementation? (as it is reported to be a big flop)


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