women want VAT removed on napkins

What about contraceptives? I am going to come down on this Petty Zinta brigade.


Ok, now I have some time. It is not surprising that this filmy elitist women find napkin the most important problem for the Indian women (bottom up approach :)). What are these women organisations? How many of their members are from villages or slums?

Women in India are bothered more about things such as education and basic needs such as drinking water. Even most prosperous regions do not have proper drinking water in the summer. I never found more than 20% girls in any class I attended so far! If, we as a nation want to progress, are we going to do that by keeping half of our population uneducated?

Women worry about education to their kids, fulfilling daily requirements on top of daily chores they have to work in the farms and get paid less than men. Handover the money to men and cook while their men play cards or drink. Should they not follow Sita devi the epitome of womanhood in India? (!)

Why tax exemptions for women? So men can misuse this clause? Not that I have a solution but we are not getting to the right problems. Ministry of education should commit to make sure that within a given number of years say 10% more girls will be in the schools. Kumarbangarappa won MLA seat in Soraba constituency completely because of women vote. Women voted enmasse, for he worked to ensure that many villages had proper water supply. Women were vocal about it, they said "we do not care if he makes our lives easy we are going to vote for him".

P Chi ( P Chidambaram) should speak to women in slums, women in villages or poor women in the cities who wash dishes to pay fees for their kids education, not to Petty Zinta. This is very rickypointing (disappointing) man!

{oh yes, after the controversy in India's Australya tour fans have decided to use rickypointing synonymous to disappointing}