mist in mysticism

where does mist (obscurity) in mysticism come from? ignorance? may be? (why begin with capital letter) in any case mysticism is insult (why use articles?) to religious philosophy.

in so called eastern religions god is not as important as philosophies. but like in other places people do what is convenient and claim that their religion is great

however eastern philosophies have gained bad name of being mystic. their association with religions has not been to their advantage.

it makes easy for west to dismiss everything eastern as mystic. so everyone has to believe that rational philosophy originated in west.

where does mist (obscurity) in mysticism come from?
russel said we need no proof to believe what we want to. mist partly is in ignorance and partly in wishful thinking of west.

for example yoga is thought to be mystic philosophy. in wikipedia if you search for eastern mysticism you will see yoga and vedanta in list. if someone tells me for example karma yoga is mystic philosophy i will not even be able to laugh! i can only snigger.

i have felt that there is need to articulate eastern philosophies to sound more clear and coherent. these philosophies are not crap written by some secluded psychotics but are time tested truths. these have helped create harmonious societies and coherent communities that have been able to withstand rough weather of political and social turmoil since millennia.

contemplation of brigu is illustrated in taittiriya upanishad. varuna brigus father helps him understand ultimate truth. that bliss is brahma(god). mystic? i dont see any mist here! kids are taught what to pray based on some philosophise. gist of prayer is "diyo yonah prachodayaath", enrich my intellect. hindi version would be "itani shakti hame dena data manki vishwas kamzore hona". if philosophy asks us not to wish for plasma tv but for few more biggest/longest cells in our body where is mist?

mist partly is in ignorance, lack of representation as expected in our times and partly in wishful thinking of west.

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