How Yakshagana Taalas map to Karnataka Sangeetha Taala?

Adi Taala in Yakshagana

Ta hasta din da din na - ta tom ta di na ka
8 beats
4 + 2 + 2
7 + 2 + 4
{1+2+2+2} + {1+1} + {2+2} (Gathi) (I do not know I am srewing up here)
There are many improvisations I can think of here and my god they get complex.

Karnataka Sangeetha
(Chatusra jathi Triputa)

Holy crap I have a realization today; I will bet my life for this. The most complex rhythm patterns of percussion are not in Karnataka Sangeetha but in Yakshagana chande rhythms. But this complexity comes at the cost of sophestication? Let me think... where is that old book... man...


  1. I do not know the abcd of music but i find your column very interesting.
    Actually i was looking for a shruti box to riyaaz and I found your site. I am ever so grateful.
    You are getting across a lot of knowledge to us, please keep going. I love reading your articles.

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  3. Thank you. You may want to check


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