mind games

people play games! you know what i mean. i will use the terms the player and the pawn. the anatomy of the game is something like this:

the player wants the pawn to feel that pawn is being controlled. this is independent of whether the pawn is really being controlled.

there are at least two things to do at any situation, including to do or not to do. if the player can get the pawn to think that he is making decisions that player wants; player wins. this is based on confusing the pawn on what the player is expecting the pawn to do (among other things).

there is a trick to win the game. the pan should make moves that are favourable to the pawn, irrespective of player's moves. Simple! then the premise is "i did what i wanted and you wasted your time"; the player looses. if the pawn tries to defeat the player by making counter moves the pawn will definitely loose. this is because as i said before the winning is not based on sequence of moves but an unprovable claim that (irrespective of what pan does) player wanted to see that particular sequence.

i do not like mind games. most easiest way to win a mind game is by refusing to be part of it. first attempt of the player is to draw you the game. the player is playing a game "choose your own battle ground". the pan has to play the game "choose your enemy".

the game is always on guys but i am out! when my close friends try to draw me to mind games, i remind them that we are friends! i usually do that by asking "what is that on your hair?" and pat his/(her?) head.
what about games that we get into over email and online communities? bad thing about them is there is no way to know if a game is being played or a gunine transaction is being carried out. trick remains the same: make moves favourable to you.
there is another saying, "it is better to loose, than loosing a friend". I treasure this more than tricks or triumphs. this way we will never loose the game.