J H Patel - a witty politician

On the opposition criticism of the power shortage, Patel said "The Opposition leaders are unnecessarily raising a hue and cry, let them touch the electric wire once and feel it!!". [೧]

"They say government gas done nothing, what to say to these blind guys who can not see irrigation channels that run many kilometres?" - J H Patel, Sagara 1996
[along with Ramakrishna Hegde and Sushma Swaraj ]

When asked to take the responsibility of power ministry or execise ministry patel remarked, "One gives shock, other a kick! I think I like them both!"
- Ramakrishna Hegde says [೩]

"I like wine and women and wife knows about it!" - J H Patel

``Hegde says there is power, power and power at Delhi and the state has to buy it. I do not know which power Hegde is talking about. Certainly it is not electricity'', Chief Minister J H Patel said in a sharp reaction to Union Commerce Minister's statement that state can buy power from the central power grid on downpayment.

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