Is being Indian not enough

This article in rediff is interesting:
The article predictably rants and raves as can be expected by any North Indian RSS chaddi.

The author asks: "Is being Indian not enough?"
It is like someone asking "How do you say Hi! in Indian?".

What do you mean? Indian?

Winston Churchill once infamously said, "India is merely a geographical expression. It is no more a single country than the Equator." Frustrated Churchill and many men like him are dead now; we do not have to deal with them.

Irrespective of weather I am a Havyaka Brahmin living in Delhi or a UP Bhayya living in Bengalooru, I have the responsibility of integrating myself into the local culture. The first step is learning to appreciate the local culture. As long as we do not have a heart felt appreciation for the host culture we remain alienated. (what about Havyaka Brahmin living in Saskatoon)

Some wise people have told me that they like freedom and they do not want to learn the local language and they should not be forced, they think. These freedom fighters, as I call them, do not realise that there is no such thing as the absolute freedom. Freedom often is relative to surroundings. Being able to do what others do. Complete freedom means randomness. There can not be a harmonious society with its members being free. In a given setup people collectively agree to not to do some things, which is inherited through their culture or state. Freedom is restricted by law, morality, social conformity, our desire to socialise and many more. Perception of violation of freedom can be countered by convincing ourselves, issue to be part of any of the items listed before.

By the way being Indian is enough if only some one could tell me what being Indian means. Being "something" requires knowing what "something" is. When there is no such "something", being "something" definitely will not be enough! We have to be that "something" which can be hormoniously integrated into our surroundings. Difference is always appreciated along with commonalities. Difference alone is not a merit [Ragu 2008!].
Stop worrying about being Indian and start reading about dying Software Engineers:


  1. James8:45 pm

    Nicely said but if being indian is not enough for you then we will soon see have visas to enter each other states man...

  2. It will come to visas if immigrants remain intolerant! Countries need visas to make sure immigrants do not become a problem. For example, to become a permanent resident of Canada, everyone has to prove their English proficiency. Being a state does not change things drastically. The hope is that immigrants do not become a problem. If there is no hope, visa is not a bad idea!

    Visas? so be it!


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