made up words

oldest word (english) I made up is "RETL". it is an acronym for "Regular Emergency Teerman Less". eg. retle meeting, means a meeting that has to be held regularly but the outcome is guaranteed to be useless.

latest is "rickyppointing". this is very simple, synonym for disappointing. I added an extra p to make it rhyme with disappointing!

other words are:

microwalE - Microwave oven
620 (next version of 420 for 6th and 20th letters!)
farts = short farm of Fine Arts
inenent of Monertia
kidney = Brain Heart Soul mixed masala. (why kidney? I do not know)
jike - hike softies get by jumping firms!
goofle - goofing up search
intelerection - intelectually stimulating
srewup - screwup (I miss typing c so much; I have to call it a word)
encagement - a connotative of engagement!
biochamchagiri - biochemistry

I will add more as I recollect them.


  1. Loved the intelerection.. I suppose you dont get many!


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