I got given something pink

Few girls were distributing something; it looked pink. I should have known! I got given something pink. It did not take much time to figure out that it was a condom.

As part of the Sexual Health Month http://www.aidssaskatoon.ca/ was distributing THEM. Well, what should I do with it now?

It says "Hey, your sexual health month is safe and fun!". First thing that came to my mind is "It is not fair to give only condom, is it?"

They were giving it to both girls and boys. Why should only boys bear the burden of safety?
Oh my god world is turing pro-woman.


  1. Unfortunately, the world is not turning pro-women, it about time that men keep their dick-heads covered.. in shame! hehe!

  2. But I do think it is ghora paapa to just give condoms alone.. tch tch!


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