Crocodile in next janma

My grandfather told me one day, "remember, you should disclose whatever you know to others", "withholding information that might be useful others is not nice", "if you do not share knowledge, you will become a Crocodile in the next life".

I did not want to be Crocodile in my next life, then, when I was a kid. I do not know, if there is such a thing as the next life. Yet, I do not want to be a Crocodile if there is another Janma! :)

The message was such a nice piece of advise. People in competetive places might take, who does this, to a stupid. Some consider voluntary disclosure an irritation. Many consider it unnecessary. I look stupid and I know when I look stupid: when I tell things I know about the context.

Many times we will have to choose between being stupid and nice, and being smart and not so nice.
Which one should I be?


  1. Just be yourself.. dumb and irritating..hehe!


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