Problem solving kills

Many people expect people to solve problems. Most smart people solve problems before the problems are completely presented! It is said, a stupid can throw a stone into the sea in a second, it takes many smart scholars "god knows how much" time to find the stone. But I have seen people, who can foresee problems, isolate a seeming harmless problem and let the average people solve the easy problem, and take precautions to see that there are less problems. These people who can do this are not always considered smart. They are average people by the standards of the average people?

I have come across striking examples for these cases. I have seen, smart people being rescued by average guys, from getting into problems! I do not know what to call this: the strength of average people or weakness of smart people. There are people who are both but mostly we tend to be either of them never both!

What are you?


  1. I am the one who throws stones at smart people..


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