Why is Bengaluru not Bengaluru yet?

I had a glass of milk the day Bengaluru got its rightful name. But the Indian media, mostly run by the liberal biased drunkards, is not calling it Bengaluru yet. They are not out from the party hangover about the "good" news to open pubs till 1.00 in Bengaluru. I will talk about drunken mothers and pink babies later; now let us deal with these lefty media people.

They have no problem calling Calcutta Kolkota, Bombay Mumbai, Madras Chennai. But Bengaluru, they kind of do not like the name yet. They still want to impose what they want to call it or is it still waiting for the Goondas of India approval?

The "real Bangalorians" are not helping either, they like the colonial name. They want to sound British? I heard no complaint from them about the this pub thing yet! They are not scared that "heritage" of Bengaluru is being tampered. For "real Bangalorians" drinking is acceptable from the day Churchill was stationed in the cantonment, and army officers kept the "heritage" going.

Fixing slums, improving roads or efforts integrate new comers to the local culture is not the priority of the media. More booze, more medical problems, and providing condoms to call centre employees are high on their agenda. What an intellectual garbage, this country has produced after 60 years of independence! What to say to these kednyless people who can not even see the results in the west, of things that they claim the best for society?

The nut GOI is meddling with election and delimitation of constituencies, using it to delay elections in the Karnataka state the media is happy with it and is having fun bossing over local people.

Haven't you heard the uproar in Maharastra? It takes lot of guts to kick these self proclaimed ''I know what is right for you" people.