23 June 2009


I am referring to individuals who can impregnate themselves and could be on earth when humans evolve!

19 June 2009

Evolution need not be in conflict with creation stories

I do not think one needs to be an atheist to believe in Evolution or Science. Believing in GOD is different from believing that there is GOD! Science says "It is highly improbable that there is GOD". Thus they find it acceptable to be Agnostic or Atheistic.

I believe in science and therefore in Evolution. I DO NOT believe in creation. Creationism is a dishonest argument to say the list, i.e to believe today that it is true is self betrayal. When I say that, I see harmony not conflict: it was an attempt by our ancestors to understand and explain the beginning of the universe and life. It is in all traditions and they are fascinating. Newton is only outdated after we have better understanding of Einstein's theory. That in no way diminishes Newton's contributions.

The creation stories are a way to appreciate our ancestors genuine attempts to explain and we have to enjoy the stories. We have to like the superb use of language and poetry in it ("...Let there be light. Then there was light"...). To say that today, they are right would insult our ancestors genuine attempts of reasoning. Continuing the same spirit we have evolution today. Tomorrow we may find a better answer. Let us hope we will.

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18 June 2009

Features of Yakshagana

This is in response to Yakshagana Kuchupudi Jugalbandi:

Thank you for the video. This is an interesting experiment with Yakshagana. However, it is very difficult to call

this Yakshagana. Vidwan Bhat's singing clearly misses the key features of Bhagavathike. I list them below

1) Sharp decay in end notes (Attack,Line and Decay are three prominent features of a note).

2) Unique hormony with the Yakshagana drone designed to bring the tone from as below as abdomen to give a special texture to notes (Yakshagana used Pungi of the Snake Charmers (Haavadigaru) as drone drone initially before using Harmonium. Tamburi should not be used as it does not suite the note characters (timbre) of Yakshagana singing)

3) Yakshagana singing has its own note inflections (You may call it Gamaka or whatever) which is conspicuously missing in Vidwan's Baagavathike. They are unique Yakshagana and in fact what makes Yakshagana singing different from other forms.

4) Yakshagana has its own Rekhe (body line). Mantapa is imitating Bharathanatya. Yakshagana is an independent form separate from other traditional ones following Natya Shastra although it has all the sections metioned in the Shastra (almost none have all parts). Shivarama Karantha explains this in "Yakshagana Bayalata".
(Tangentially, There are evidences to show that the father of Kuchupudi Siddhendra Yogi was trained in Udupi Mata under the name Siddappa/Sidda who went to Andhra later on [1]).

5) Mantapas costumes look good but deviate significantly from tradition and borrow from other forms.

If this is deliberate both Ganesh and Mantapa owe an explanation to Yakshagana fans and why this is being done. Shivarama Karantha when introducing his version ensured that the features of Yakshagana are not touched except removing dialogs to make it language independent. He only added few features without diluting existing ones. But as I said, experiments are welcome, but I only hope they know what they are doing.

[1] Yakshagana Bayalata - Dr Shivarama Karantha

08 June 2009

Is religion like food!?

Yes! If we grew up eating burgers, we will come back to it and will like it always. If we ate Dose/Idli, we will go find a South Indian restaurant like I did here! If we are the followers of some Y ism, more likely we will remain one: more or less! I mean more when we are older and less when we are younger! Faith can get weaker or stronger but will remain.

Then you have some varieties. You grow up disliking carrots, say. Then you end up never liking. We might never come back and like it. Some like Ambedkar dislike and change religion(Buddhism) because they grew up not liking something (Hindu). Some like Periyar are just happy blaming Brahmins for all evils: they become atheists or whatever they call themselves not fascists. That is because Brahmins are not Jews!

How does it matter? Or why should it? At least they are thinking. Thinking they are, changing their faiths and feeling good. Like food we eat growing up, we like and dislike faiths. Do not tell me some are intellectuals. They are a bit more conscious that is all!

02 June 2009

Enough is enough

Enough is enough in a totally different sense. When we posses enough to meet our needs we are most happiest. When we possesses even a little more we start seeing problems. We all know the problems of not having enough.

When we have more than enough money, it comes at the cost of time. We do not have "time" to have fun with what we earn. When we have more than enough utensils Per Se we have to wash them too! When we have lots of furniture we have less space! And when we have a bigger house do you come help me clean it? Or will you pay the rent or mortgage or whatever? If not again I have to start working more to pay off loans. That's is why I said. Enough is enough.

By its side remember some smart people are fast. They can save time and earn more. Then it is like going to where you are supposed to on time, or before! We miss things by the side of the road. Now, this is not life! This is yet another blog post that is all. Have a nice whatever!