Aisle Seat?

"Aisle (Ill) seat or the window sir?”, asked the man at the counter. I stood like a student in front of an English teacher. I gathered my senses. Asked him, "What does it mean?"! He invested all is patience in telling me that in an airplane there is seat next to window and the other one next to passenger way.

Which one sir?
Does not matter!

I got the boarding pass. It was not my first flight. Neither was it the second one! But the executives' look at me was elegant. It was as if a dog was trying to fly to London.

Language unfortunately is taken as a measure of status in some parts of the world. Our own languages continue to be lower class languages.

The other day I over heard a kid say, "We speak English at home, maid who cleans our house speaks Telugu". Thankfully Allasani Peddana is not with us. Long live revolution. Inglish(!) still rules India.~r