My Height

I am 0.00000175 Kms heigh! If you wonder why this has to be in Kms: to make it funny. Measures have changed, especially in India. I shall write about all units that I have come across. This would be a good reading for those who want to know, how things were measured in India.

I am 5' 9'' high. Guys in US and UK would agree, others may not I am 175 cm high for them. That is units play an important role in percieving the magnitude. I do not how Harappans measured things but let us start with a time that is worth considering.

In ancient India distance was measured in Yojanas. You may find details elsewhere but the people in Karnataka measured distance in "Rahadaari" till recently. Length of things were meaured in 'Genu' the distance between tip of thumb to tip of small finger in our hands. 'Mola'distance between elbow to tip of the middle finger in our hands. 'Maaru' stretch of two hands.'Hejje' span of legs on a normal walk.

Measure of distance between places have changed but the distance has not!