How much actually is mine, in what I think is mine?

My village, my country, my what not? Are they really mine? Even if they are, how much? We would like to be associated with all that is good. Good things do not need association. Association needs good things. (This opinion will be rfined, little later)

I remember, I grew up thinking, only the parts that are prosperous are actually my part of my native place. I explained all my friends how green the road side trees were to the right of my village. How thick the forest was. Even, how close the greatest things were. I never associated dry and less privileged villages and places with myself or my place. My palce always meant only good part of what is supposed to be my palce!

If I would like to be objective, I must agree that I belong to place where there is both misery and prosperity. I always believed it to prosperous. It is not. I know it, but I never admitted.

How much actually is mine, in all I think is mine? A little less in good things and a little more in not so good things. We could contribute if we associate ourselves with 'not so good' things. To put it in a more interesting way; Things that are already good, need less association than others associations that are 'not so good'.