Mera Joota hai Japani

Globalisation sometimes takes an interesting position in our lives. I was biking back from a grocery shop and suddenly realised that there was an interesting point about things I wore! I started to think about each thing I had or wore and the place they were bought. That gives the topic for this blog write up.

I bought the shirt I wore from a shop in Piccadilly street(I think), London for exactly a pound(GBP). That was the cheapest I could find! The trouser was bought in Leuven, Belgium, where I had to live for few months. I had bought my shoe in Brussels North (Brussels Noord!), Belgium. The socks was from the Saturday market in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The USB stick I carry is the one I bought in Berlin, Germany in a sale, for 19.99 EUros.(512 MB !)

That was it. I was on bicycle riding from Wal-Mart back to my nest in Canada. You might be feeling sick about all these. This guy after all an Indian, Does he not have a thing, a thing at least, that can be called Indian. I do not know if I can say my heart is Indian. (Mera dil hai Hindustani :)). I have a Hindustan Machine Tools(hmt) watch, which my Appa bought me when I had to enter the college. But it has run out of battery.

Disappointing you may. I wore something very important that is Indian: the underwear I bought in Bengaluru.



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