Kick in the Ass you know :)

You might wonder what has caught this boy. Definitly not the north American culture! But I felt good at this: an anecdote.

I got into a small plane in Vancuver to fly to Saskatoon. I was supposed to join Msc the next day. A man in his forties had arrived already at the seat. We exchanged remaks as any other American to any other stranger would. But we continued as well with the weather, as it should. He told me a lot about his town and that now he lives away. Canadians are out going. He told me he was a technical engineer in the Canadian Railways.

My father is sick. He is very old you know, he told me, "I may not see him again". He explained where the mountains were high and where the lands were flat. Where are you from? You speak a little british acsent, from Newziland? was question a little later. I thought his acsent knowladge should be quite poorer but what he told me made me aware that I had picked up a little "How a ye", Im fane, british stuff from few of my colegues. I said I was from India. Woh ya these British did there bit there as well was his reply!

"Best of luck" he said, in a typical acsent. I did my bit.
"Have a nice time with your father"

Yeah he said, "Kick in the Ass you know!".
I wish he will see his father again. I found a good son in him. He should get to see his father again for long time to come. Sentiments aside. It feels good.
In a very colloquial way, Kick in the Ass you know!