Hi Ram!

"Hey Ram", it is said, are the two words Mahathma Gandhi uttered when he fell to the bullet of Nathuram Godse (a journalist, a Marathi Brahmin, and a Hindu extremist).
Notice Ram! here.

"Mohan" in Mohandas Gandhi's name refers to Krishna. Mohandas means devotee of Krishna. Krishna was the 8th avatar of Vishnu. Rama was the 7th avatar (incarnation)
{ Avatatara => Descended, Avatara = one who has descended }
Notice connection to Ram! here.

Nathuram Vinayaka Godse, Gandhiji's killer was named Ramachandra at birth. My friend tells me that Godse's parents treated him like a girl and made him wear a Nathani (nose ring). He thus became Nathuram.
Notice Ram! in Godse's name here.

Finally my name: Raghavendra means the same thing. Raghava = One who is born to the clan of the king Raghu and Indra = sacred. The ONE born to Raghu clan is Rama. Rama means "one who is pleasant". (ramayatE iti ramaha )

Is this character a myth? Was Ayodhya (impenetrable) a mythical city? Was sita the wife of Rama a myth too? Well may be! But if you go by Tamil politician his holyshitness Karunanidhi
("From which engineering college did he graduate"), there is no record in any engineering college about Ram's admission! (Definitely not in IIT Madras! (Madirasu = in alcohol))

If you ask communists especially Budhadev Bhattacharya: "Ram was born in the imagination of poets and Ram Sethu is a natural formation under the sea". What is the primary source he is citing to prove his claim? [His imagination 2007, unpublished]. Some tell me that these communists are supposed to believe in science.

To me Rama is a man who defines the core of my identity.
Valmiki reports Rama to have told, "Aatmaanam Maanusham ManyE Raamam Dasharataatmajam" (I consider myself a human. I am Rama the son of Dasharatha.

{Dasharatha means one who could ride chariot in 10 directions - you know 8 directions and other two are UP and DOWN} {Oh NRI friends, stop being smart. He could not drive in 6 others directions, do not bring in the coordinate geometry here. I know you have high expectations min d you he was not Shodasharatha!)

Weather Rama was part of history or mythology does not matter. I am student of science and thus only thing I can say is "we do not know". But what matters is this 'hate', and 'vandalism' to satisfy their egos and what not.

I said Hi Ram! Just wanted to say Hi! you know.


  1. ROFL. Man, you are one hell of a random brain! Loved the holyshitness reference to Karunanidhi. But, I dont know how the train of thoughts moved from Gandhiji and Nathuram Godse to yourself? Do you identify yourself with either?

  2. What do you mean? I can not imagine stooping to that leve! I think it was not an equation. I wanted to convey that my name is related need not necessarily me!!!!!!!!!

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