Woman and Liquor

The supreme court of India ruled that it is legal for women to be serving liquor (tending bar). I am pissed off at the SC. Not becase it gave freedom to women but becasue it did so preferentially.

SC has no time to direct governament to fix the ambigious Indian laws on prostitution. The judges are not bothered about women being forced into prostitution. No one cares about the women being trafficked. But they are so much caring and cautious about the freedom of the middle class women who have som ehotel management degree or diploma who want to make more money. No one needs to inform the SC; it has not given justice to the murdered bartender Jessica Lal yet.

I care more for the dignity of the women being trafficked than to the freedom and poverty of the upper middle class women who want to be bar tenders.

It is time judges stop masturbating and start using their kidneys and give balanced decisions that improves the condition of the women who are underprevilaged. I will join them in a milk bar when they have fixed the more important issues. I do not mind a young girl tendering. Do I?