Intercaste Marriage

There is a microbe in our heads called Individuolis Liberosis. Some have immunity against this microbe but many do not. This microbe not only makes us selfish but also gives a false impression of liberation; helps generate nice reasons for indulgence. We will talk about this later; now listen to this story.

I received a call on fine afternoon, 3 years ago. I picked up to discover that it was my primary school classmate. That made my day you know. I was able to get in touch with her after we completed 7th standard in 1993. That was after a gapp of 12 years. She was about to completing engineering degree after a diploma I think.

She had called with a purpose. She was getting ready for a campus interview. She wanted to know what to expect from a WIPRO interviewer. I was supposed to give some insider information. I consulted some of my colleagues and called her back. Told her whatever I could (and should). It really made my day. Isn’t it nice to get a call, out of the blue, from a classmate after that long? (Emotional fool!)

I think after two months I received another call. This time she wanted to get into a particular division. How could a fresher choose? Again I spoke to my colleagues and called her back, giving whatever the info I can. This call had come after she had forgotten to reply my email asking her if she got into WIPRO. I sent another email curious to know if she was in, if so where. I got no response.

Time teaches lessons. I said to myself be more reasonable do not read too much. Be positive, all that crap. I remember sending her an email just asking how she was and how was her work in WIPRO. I got no response.

I called from bother try to get my Tabla fixed. He told me that my classmate got married. She married a Christian boy from Kerala. I knew a little bit about her parents; middle class Havyaka Brahmin family around 10 kms from my village.

Brahmins are increasingly facing criticism. But they also lived a life that set examples to society for long years. They never ate before taking bath. They were vegetarians. They do not consume alcohol. They are trained in eating and talking. They Have kept the ancient philosophies alive by learning and teaching them. (Exceptions are becoming a rule...which is a different matter)

Intercaste marriage may be a good thing for those want to live MacLife. (You go to any MacDonald you get the same burgers) When the difference is gone, the excitement of encountering different ways and perspectives is lost.

Her parents might be sad. People who hurt their parents in return to the love are daemons. This is nothing but the outbreak of Individuolis Liberosis.


  1. Anonymous2:17 am

    You seem to be a caste freak brother.....too bad you are not alone....even worse....You guys are in majority

  2. If we are serious about a philosophy we tend to be mindful about actions that go against it. If we are mindless that is another matter. Whether I am a "caste freak" is better attested by the more qualified; I need no help. There is a new creed that judges personalities based on a single blog post that they do not even care to read completely; you are not alone. You guys are in majority.

  3. Anonymous9:14 am

    Data says that most of the Indian actress either in bollowood or in south filmindustry are from Brahmin community. At one end these brahmins pretends to orthodox religious and talk about there dignity culture and being vegiterian on the otherhand brahmin sends there daughter and sisters in the film Industry to earn money.

    I have example from Hema Malini, Rekha, shreedevi, madhuri dixit, mamta kulkarni, shilpa shirodkar, rani mukherjee, kajol, vidya balan etc etc in bollywood to the tv actress like shweta tiwari, to the south like bhanu priya in telgu, trisha krishnan in tamil film industry all are brahmin girls in the glam film industry.
    I guess every one is aware that like in hollywood, in bollywood also actress/heroin have
    to sleep with producers+directors+lead Actors/Heros to get the role..
    These brahmin actress are on sale of there sex openly to get even small role.they are ready to be slut to earn money and to gain supremacy.

    I dont understand what is this double standards in indian society..on one hand these brahmin atress/girl are just behaving/getting like slut to get even small role in movie on the other hand these brahmin girls of the same community pretends to be sati savitri and says about chit pavin brahminism..where we have lost chit pavin brahmin girls?..

    now a days as girls comes in college or in jobs they make boyfriends.All community girls keep boyfriends including brahmin girls to satisfy there lust and to get physical enjoyment before marriage.brahmin girls are fast in making boyfriends also from other community girls.they make boyfriends and have sex with them before marriage. brahmin girls go in live in relationship also but still people call them chit pavin brahmin to them,...what the hell are these double standards in india.

    So non-brahmin guys beaware of brahmnin girls

  4. Your comments are out of context. The topic in question is about communities in Villages where some of them still live in egalitarian ways but treasure those values and are endogenous. It appears you are unaware of such societies. What is posting without a name? Triple standard?


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