Shooting Dogs

Shooting Dogs is a movie about Rwandan Tutsi genocide of 1994. There is a video here about it if you want to know.

Recently a group from Amnesty international showed a documentary on Uganda spate of children in Uganda: Invisible Children. Here is another country in shambles: Haiti. A story of generosity of an US installed government. And here is some more info.

There are people out there who live by eating rain flies!

We the great proud Indians believe that there is no slavery. Watch the video here: girls are being enslaved and trafficked. The brothers of brothels. Watch the third part.

I thought my neighbouring villages were poor oh man. I am damn rich and safe. Well, so much for Christmas! Shall we say happy Christmas?

Oh I forgot to add something. We are the nation with highest number of HIV infected individuals and our penises are shorter compared to international standards, read here: we need smaller condoms! My guess is right then :). I will end by adding a hilarious comment by one of the men interviewed "It's not size, it's what you do with it that matters"

By the way do not forget Haiti, Rwanda, Uganda and Indian brothels. Search and read more about them.