mattade besara ade sange

is Nisaar Ahamad's translation of "phir wahi shaam"

"phir wahi shaam" is here.

again the same evening, same sadness
and the same loneliness
to convince my heart, came your thought




  1. what is the meaning of the word 'vibhranta'? 'ninna jote illade.. maatillade mana vibhraanta..?'

  2. You might already know the meaning by now! I thought you took sanskrit in BSc.
    Vi+Branti the upasarga seems to add emphasis to branti. Literal meaning is feeling of moving around. Actual meaning as we might guess is "dellusion" However in the poem it means "sombre mood" or "despondency".

    I use a sanskrit dictionary. There is a PC version available
    "vibhrAnti" as the search word.

    Other interesting info I might add is The city Koln is a nice place and there is an amazing huge church that they call the dome.


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