Nuances of Sledding/Tobogganing

Sledding is also called Tobogganing. I stole a more brave looking image to show what I did with few kids on a small hill.

1) I went towards a bush and saved the life of few plants by using all head and tails I have. Poor bush.

2) Do not go on knees if you are a heavy type like me.

3) It hurts in an unusual place : your neck. Keeping head safe it appears is harder than keeping our balls safe.

4) When sleigh on your bum do not break with the feet. Snow can hit your face like missiles.

5) Go to a church immediately after, like I did. It will warm there and someone will invariably play piano and put you to sleep! Then you can sleigh again in dream :)

Thanks to Simon Widie and his kids Joe, Isaiah and little Elijah
I fell and ROSE, look at that, I ROSE, wary of laughing kids.
Sunday is gone.