Robert Hawkins and Stephen Hawking

Why am I doing this? I am doing this becasue I am enraged. Boiling is the right word actually. But people make tea out of boiling liquids, these days. So let us talk coolly.

Here is the profile of Stephen Hawking and then we have the profile of Robert Howkins. You know Hawking but the latter is not so well known. Well, he was a teenager, like I was a decade ago, who shot and killed 8 people (like I did not). Now se this: Guns Germs and Steel. (Ignore that white man's burden)

Now read this: USA Heavily Armed Soceity. Also this: Common Sense :). What do you think? Not so common these days. Read this USA Gun Statistics! Hilaious is't it. So be it. Everyone wants to laugh and do nothing about guns!

My common sense says something else. NO ONE NEEDS GUNS. We can protect by dissarming. We can fight if we arm ourselves.

Coming soon:
Liberals - A combo burger of political and economical philosophies with the heavy indulgence topping and enough unreasonable ego sauce), I am gonna tear you in to pieces!