A neurotransmitter is named after my best friend Ishwar Anand. It is called Anandamide
(click it, you lazy...x do you want to read what a computist got to say about neurotransmitters better click and read some sane explanation).

Anandamide is a trans! mitter,, stuff,, that comes into picture when one drinks say Bhang (Cannabis Sativa). Na they are there doing so many stuffs but they also activate THC receptors. This THC stuff is in Bhang.

Wait, that text on piscology said Anandamide is a neuromodulator, holy! nyways listen to my trans music. U wont need any chemical to get a kick.

8trans, (damnload) no particular chord this, E5 B4 G4. but it sounds like guitar is not tuned so might be in some chord if you are lucky! but real shaky sound .... tanv tanv tanv tanv .... I went nuts playing at 1 am yesterday! Listen atleast 2 to 3 times to get a kick. hey somebody write an application to dance over the internet

8trans - for 8 beats. (Recorded by Manjunath Ankhathatti)

By the way Anandamide is after Sanskrit - Ananda for the obvious!