27 March 2008

a hick's a hick for a that

the haughty wo/men of science have lot to learn than they (we) think. poetry, painting, music, history there is so much in them. A Man's A Man for A That a poem by Robert Burns says "Is there for honest Poverty": some thoughts of a Scottish peasant. this leads me to think why we are what we are and can never be different although we appear to have changed, the fundamental 'we' does not change. 'we' is not a a thing decided at birth but what we become when we grow up. things we hold so close to heart (also kidney!) are never explicit.

emotions run high, naivety has to be supressed consciously to look sophisticated (whatever it means); affection comes naturally; simply put: a hick. implementing clustering algorithm or rediscovering a theorm in geometry does not make us any different. i said "'we' does not change.".

those were not hicks can never be one. neither can they ever understand a hick's mind. he will always look "a hick". over emotional, trying to help "too much", telling more than "needed", resentful for "hurting", "over friendly"; a hick basicaly! a hick's a hick for a that!!
listen to a hick's a hick for a that ............... a that for a that

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