Google is dirty as well!

Do this in gmail:
click on an email thread and look at the sponsored advertisements to the right side of the email body. Do this for 2-3 email threads. What do you see?

I saw the adds changing according to the contents of my email I was reading. When an email talking about music was open gmail client showed adds about music, when the email was about resume it showed job websites adds and so on.

What is Google doing? (Google owns by the way) Google is reading our emails to target adds. Well doesn't Google use a billion bit encryption to protect our privacy? The great company offers more secure services according to some fans and pundits.
Now, where are they? Google softwares are reading my emails and doing whatever they want to do with it!

I got 64,300,000 hits for "Google read your email".
Google is evil
Steve Balmer - MS CEO Says Google reads emails

Well good luck!