Ravi Shankar or Vilayat Khan who is better? I have no qualification but Vilayat Khan sounded better.
I was reading ravi Shankar and his nth wife's interview.

What struck me was they are honest. It is ok I think. We humans... try hard not to do what nature wanted us to do! (What about bechara husbands of those women) Look there would not have been a Norah Jones otherwise! No?

What about Grammy? ooom I think people do not know coloured music wont do!

Vilayat married twice too!

So what shall we do now? Marry ntimes or?!!!


  1. Read through the rather long interview. Sukanya is a shit-headed and deranged and I really dont know what to think of their oh-so-greasy holding hands always kind of romance. Ravishankar and his infidelity just proves that most musicians are kacche-harkas and that there is a crazy correlation between promiscuity and music!

  2. why do sex and cynicism evoke strong reaction? anything to do with the music?

    "shit-head","deranged"! show some mercy she still loves an old man!

    the correlation is infact one the defnitions of music! Donno where i read it!


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