Conference Crashing!

Since I can not borrow white skin from people around me here, wedding crashing is not in my reach. I will have to try it somewhere else. Conference crashing is not so hard!

I visited the 15th Anual Life and Health Science Conference being held at the University.
Here are the interesting research findings I came across:

a) that donating blood is detrimental to athletes as it decreases peak performance time.
b) that controlled weight exercises are beneficial for kids as it increases the section modulus of bones relative to body mass. more density at the periphery of bones is more important for the bone strength and obese have higher concentration at the centre.
c) some new white blood cells are shown to have ability to be censer vaccines. (CD8+ Th17)
d) SCT - Social Cognitive Theory can explain variables affecting motivation to involve in active transport such as walking and biking. Other way of saying motivation can be improved by closely monitoring these variables.

I should mention the anxiousness on the faces of poster presenters to some interesting questions (honestly not my intension). I ask questions to slow them down and bring them to earth especially when they are talking in jargons (medical here) that I am not used to. When someone from a completely different domain talks to us I admit that I do not understand and let them explain me more. For example asking them to say "an amino acid" instead of "Tryptophan" (Tryptophan is used in the production of Serotonin, lack of which causes aggression). There is a danger then that they think you are stupid. Since I am really one, I ask questions to make sure they think I am not. Another is, they start bullshitting if they come to know you do not understand. To avoid it, I ask questions to make sure I understand and then ask questions to make sure there are things both of us do not understand!

One talked about SCT a lot and I pointed out that social conditioning can confound SCT variables in the study. We agreed that there is lot to work on and effects are not known yet! Some questions on section modulus were purely out of interest but they made the presenter a bit anxious. I informed I was asking out of interest and was able to learn again about the section modulus. The works were interesting, so walked around talking about it in the department.

By the way i invented a word: esele
esele means "somewhere else".

While I get ready for the conference party crashing this evening read the wedding crashing tips: here.