why is supper time important

i still remember the days of high school athletics. we would eat whatever we could, whenever we could, and reach the regional competition ground. our physical education teacher counted us and lo and behold, we were ready for the competition.

now, for example, winning a shot-put competition is not only decided by the skills but also by the energy level at the time of the competition. I found a pamphlet that described carbohydrates for athletes. after reading it i am surprised at our negligence for such important things during competition.

an average adult athlete needs to consume 300 grams of carbohydrates 4 hours before any competition that lasts for an hour. if the competition proceeds beyond an hour, food may be consumed, while the competition is in progress, along with small amounts of water. a small amount of food eaten (90 grams of carb) immediately after the competition, helps muscles quickly recover the lost energy. (note: 90 grms is the average need for a regular lunch). it takes a day for our muscles to recover but a quick snack after the exercise can reduce recovery time.
it suddenly rang a bell (which one? guess). wise men in the western countries, have supper at 5.30 or 6 pm. isn't that just four hour before they sleep? oh boy that is precise and very helpful for sex! a study noted that eating a lot in late suppers is one of the reasons for sexual discontent in India (especially in softy business).

traditionally, i remember, when there was no power, we used to eat supper at 7 pm and sleep at 8-8.30pm. 11 pm was middle of the night. now, i know many eat at 10 pm and sleep at 11 pm. this is foolish.
i am going to have supper 4 hours in advance! this is wise and smart. a heavy snack at 6 pm and then a light supper an hour before sleeping is not bad either.