I am an NRI now

Immunocology is not a branch of Biology which is a combination of Immunology and Oncology. Neither is it a made up word! It is what I call Immunology out of love. I had not even a cold so far after I left the sacred land! My immune system was up against seemingly weak enimies. Few years of complacense of my immune system finally cost my body the flu. A strain of flu virus moving around Saskatoon has finally brought me down.

I guess I will get away with this being seasonal flu not Pandamic. In any case this gave me some time and interest to read about fever.

Unlike Computists, Biologists often do not give definitive answers. They use terms such as "pathway" to mean "something happens there and we do not know exactly". I do not blame them because Biology is such a mess. It is not fair to expect someone to know the architecture of human body like knowing the archhitecture of a RISC machine. This immunocology is such a thing. It seems these bloody viruses force immune respose making some white bloody cells release some stuff (IL-1 and IL-6). These stuffs in turn force release of other stuffs (PEG2). All these stuffs are some kind of chemicals or cocktail (complex) of some chemicals. These in turn srewup hypothalamus and raise the body temperature.

Now whatever doctors tell ya, what is your common sense telling? How is body temp gonna raise? More oxidation? Same old CO2 and H2O comin out? How? For more heat, we need more glucose or its friends to oxidise right? Basically these chemicals are produced to beg us to eat more? Come on chemicals, hungry bunch aren't you?

My roomy is an immunocologist. He has to bear all my stupid questions. What am I ? I am an NRI! why?Because I got the flu I am less Indian now, irrespective of whether I am willing to accept it or not!

There are previlages being an NRI. Your kids get reservation in universities. Other privilages include, investments are regulated and we can not vote!

Roomy was able provide some details about the strains. Here we go:
2007–08A/Solomon Islands/06A/Wisconsin/2005B/Malaysia/2004
They are aussom; look like cricket balls.


  1. Boy oh boy.. and I cannot just blame the overheated hypothalamus too this time. Immunocology gu biology to flu to viruses.. this post is typical of engineers who cannot see any resolution in the various sub specialties of medicine and biology. Karmakaandam!

  2. I call this name syndrome. I was talking about fever. I am not concerned about epidemiology, pathology, biochamchagiri, molecular bachagiri or any other division of biological sciences. Karma nandu...sumne ododu bittu rama rama sub specialities ante..nangyake adara kata


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